HYFN Rebrand
A digital marketing agency in Los Angeles was overdue for a proper rebranding and repositioning which our creative team came in to help rebrand. Starting from brand strategy, tone of voice, service offerings structure and other important stuff, all the way down to the equally important tiniest details in typography, presentation templates, crafty swag and meticulous copywriting—this was a massive project that gave the agency a much needed turbo boost. This project was truly a team effort. The credits to the entire wonderful team that I was honoured to be a part of.
Brand Guidelines
Instead of making another boring and rarely updated Branding Guidelines .pdf we made a digital version that was an expression of the new brand in itself with silly copy and not-so-precious approach.
The website itself further explored the possibilities of the new brand. Keeping things loose, fun and not overly buttoned up helped bridge the gap between a rather dry set of capabilities and the true soul of the agency which was anything but corporate.
To keep things interesting, we introduced a series of posters for pretty much all company events. And since the company got (sadly) acquired and absorbed into something corporate, we also did a limited run of goodbye postcards.

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