During my internship at AKQA, a digital agency in San Francisco, interns conducted individual final projects and presented to the whole office on our last day. I wanted to create a product relating to my experience at AKQA. 
'Interface' is an interactive installation that connects people within a community and communities around the world through a shared creative experience.
Role: Interactive Installation, Motion Graphics, Ideation/Problem Solving, Research
tools: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Keynote

Companies like digital agencies are the places where the most innovative and passionate people come together. During my internship, I noticed that people came up with inventive ideas and make creative design not only during client projects, but also outside of work. People are unconsciously designing their environment like creating simple and fun designs, such as drawing and doodling on a whiteboard, creating imagery by sticking post-its in color schemes, etc. I also saw other employees building off of each others' design; for example, one employee doodled on a whiteboard and the next day, another employee saw the doodle and drew an addition to the existing design. Creative thinking continues and inspires one another outside of conference rooms and outside of client projects. However, there was little space to showcase people's imagination.
People need new visual cues to boost their creativity, especially in a work environment where employees are constantly asked to come up with extraordinary ideas. Providing opportunities where they can grow, get inspired, and contribute, will improve their performance. 
Recent research from Steelcase talks about a correlation between work environment and employee engagement. Its study surveyed 12,000 subjects, and concluded that people who had little control over the atmosphere and were hardly engaged in the community were not satisfied with their workplace.
What is the current AKQA environment and how do employees get inspired? How do people communicate in a big community?
What if people interact in a new environment so that they get inspirations from each other in a different way?
Networked installation in all of AKQA's offices around the world creates a space for an experience of contributing and receiving visual inspirations through dynamic visual graphics that simultaneously respond in real time. 
My design solution focused on my theory and definition of design, which is: design and critical thinking shine the most when they are shared and talked about.
how it works
AKQA has a number of offices around the world, like in San Francisco, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, etc. 'Interface' would be installed and connected to every office so that the installation is live for all employees. Anyone in any office could input their visual graphics at any time. The data is then transferred to other installations in offices and shown in the same way. Below is an illustrative motion graphic that shows the system.
technical approach
In order to fully deliver my idea, I needed to figure out how the demo would be presented. Since I had a big concept of connecting networks from cities around the world, it was difficult to build a working prototype. In terms of technology, I had a big list of practical methods of making this live. After studying different technologies, I could see possibilities with using Arduinos, motion detectors, wifi routers, etc. However, with a limited amount of time and budget, I had to minimize the cost and time to effectively demonstrate how it works.
Instead of generating motion graphics on screen, I wanted to create an object that could potentially represent the installation. For a quick and simple demonstration, I made a physical mockup that covers up a digital screen so that motion graphics could be seen through.
future possibilities
'Interface' can take on many forms and can be installed in any environment. There are incredible potentials and infinite possibilities to its form, its visual graphics, sound, light, location, color, shape, motions, etc. 
Interior of AKQA office in SF: mock up photo of how this installation could take place in different forms.
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