Print projects/exercises done at RISD.
NYT Infographic
As part of a workshop taught by Nick Felton, we were asked to create an infographic design by taking a section of the New York Times and condensing it to one page 11 x 22. The infographic was meant to represent the selected section through a theme or question. As a team of 3, we concentrated on the relationship between the photos, contents, and ads that are shown and written in the ‘Sunday Style’ section. We created boxes that represented the size of each boxes and put on a grid. After which we looked the amount of certain clothing to see if there was a correlation between the amount of space an object (ad, photo, or text) takes and references to fashion.
Team: Phillip Glenn, Glenn Jeon
Typography Collage Exercise
Experimental typography collage exercise using New York Times articles as objects and using Xerox as a tool. Each page contains a half-page so that when flipped, each page gives different energy to the compositions and dynamics of the full spread.
Crying of Lot 49
In Thomas Pynchon’s novel Crying of Lot 49, the main character, Oedipa, struggles to puzzle out a convoluted historical mystery. I recreated the structure (book-binding) and interior (typography and layout) of the book to carefully reflect Oedipa’s state of mind and the journey that she takes throughout the story. A symbol of post horn, which appears frequently in the novel, represents a hidden message that Oedipa tries to discover. Located on the top right and left of the page, the symbol is hidden under the interior of the french fold of the book. The symbol is broken down into shapes in which the shapes slowly form into a post form as Oedipa takes on the journey. As a continuing theme of conspiracy theory, I added a supporting text, which is an interview of Edward Snowden who leaked secret information at NSA.​​​​​​​
Letterform Combination Exercise
Letterform Combination project is about studying interaction of typography and exploring form and counter form. Two letters of numbers are combined together, as each letter/number supports each other. In the structure of pattern and composition design, this book narrates my process of investigating letterform in an abstract way.
Post Stamp Design using Javascript
Series of post stamps that are designed using programming language of p5.js (javascript). Design creates an illusion of 3-Dimentional patterns with depth and vibrant colors.
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